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Bayern Munich defeats PSV Eindhoven in Champions Leuage play

(via zimbio.com)

(via zimbio.com)

Bayern Munich played PSV Eindhoven in a group D Champions League group stage fixture on Wednesday night.

Going into the match, Atletico Madrid was on top of the group with the maximum six points from the two previous games. Bayern was second with three points, their opponents from the Netherlands were third with one point and Russian team Rostov was at the bottom with one point as well.

That meant that the Bavarians needed a victory, in order to solidify their status in the top two and to keep the group leaders from Madrid honest. They particularly needed a good result after three winless games in all competitions.

PSV on the other hand, had the opportunity of overtaking their opponents with a victory.

Bayern Munich however, won the game 4-1 after a good display. Thomas Müller and Joshua Kimmich helped them to an early 2-0 lead. A Luciano Narsingh counter attack made the visitors hope just before the break, but goals by Robert Lewandowski and Arjen Robben resumed normal service.

After that result and Atletico’s win, the Spaniards have nine points, Bayern six, while the other teams remain with a point each.


Given how vulnerable Bayern was during the short period of game time after PSV scored and Lewandowski made it 3-1, the latter goal has to be moment of the match. The Eindhoven keeper parried a strong Robben shot, which the Polish striker then headed in. (Starting at about 2:15 minutes of the video.)


Arjen Robben was the man of the match, because he assisted on Bayern’s first and third goals, before scoring the last one himself. He had a phenomenal game overall and is now fully back after his recent injury issues.


According to the website of the Kicker Sports Magazine, Bayern Munich had 66% ball possession, and a 92% pass completion ratio. These statistics show that the passing game, remains a key feature of their play even post-Pep Guardiola.


For PSV, it was a major missed opportunity to reinvigorate their Champions League campaign. They were up against a Bavarian team that was supposedly in crisis. Going to the Allianz Arena to face “die Roten” is never easy, but this may have been the best time to do so. The hosts did have their defensive weaknesses, but Phillip Cocu’s men largely failed take advantage.


For Carlo Ancelotti’s team this was a vital win, not only because the three Champions League points, but also to end any talk of crisis for now.

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