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Bayern Munich wins fifth consecutive Bundesliga title

(April 28, 2017 – Source: Stuart Franklin/Bongarts via zimbio.com)

Bayern Munich won its unprecedented fifth  consecutive German championship on Saturday, which is their 27th such title overall, and even more incredibly, their 26th in the Bundesliga era (which began in the 1960s).

The Bavarian giants did this with a convincing 6-0 hammering of relegation-threatened VfL Wolfsburg, after second-placed RB Leipzig dropped points at home to FC Ingolstadt.

The team from Munich now has a ten-point lead over Leipzig, which cannot be surpassed with only three rounds left to play.

Interestingly, it was during the reverse fixtures to the current round, that Bayern took the league lead from Leipzig, which they would not relinquish for the rest of the season.

On that day in early December of 2016, Ingolstadt handed RBL their first league defeat of the season, while Munich crushed Wolfsburg at home.

There certainly were a few problematic parts of the season, after the winter break and again recently, with the team’s eliminations from the UEFA Champions League and the German Cup, but the league title was never in serious danger, since that above-mentioned December day.

There will be many pundits and Bayern fans alike around the world, who will claim that winning “only” the Bundesliga is not enough and that going out of the Champions League at the quarterfinal stage and exiting the German Cup in the semifinals is so unacceptable, that radical changes will need to come soon.

Some of them even go as far as to demand the ouster of coach Carlo Ancelotti, just as many of them had done with the Italian tactician’s predecessor, Pep Guardiola.

These people do a great disservice to the club with their unrealistic expectations. They use the 2013 triumphs in Bundesliga, Champions League and German Cup as a measuring stick for success. By that logic, every other of the 117 years of glorious Bayern Munich history was a failure, which is utter nonsense.

Thankfully cooler heads, such as that of club CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge have generally prevailed in recent years at Bayern Munich.

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