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Bundesliga round 4 review

(Sept. 16, 2017 – Source: Martin Rose/Bongarts via zimbio.com)

The fourth round of the Bundesliga began on Friday, as Hannover 96 took on Hamburger SV in a northern derby. The prize for victory for either team, besides the three points would be going into the weekend as league leaders.

The supporters of both clubs drew attention to themselves off the field.

At first, a few chaotic Hamburg fans filled the arena with smoke and fire. The stadium announcer had to ask them repeatedly to stop.
Then there was a verbal altercation between groups of Hanover supporters, as the Ultras chanted that their club president Martin Kind had to go, which the rest of the Hannover fans greeted with jeers and “Ultras out” chants.

Those seemed to be the “highlights” of much of the game. That is, until Martin Harnik gave Hannover the lead and Hamburg had to abandon its defensive tactics. That opened spaces for Hannover and enabled Ihlas Bebou to make it 2-0. It stayed that way and ensured that the promoted 96ers would spend at least most of the weekend on top of the Bundesliga.

On Saturday afternoon, Bayern Munich demolished Mainz 05 4-0, ending any talk of a Bavarian “crisis” for now.

Meanwhile, Schake 04 defeated Werder Bremen 2-1 away and FC Augsburg did the same to Eintracht Frankfurt.
VfB Stuttgart beat VfL Wolfsburg 1-0, in a match that would be the last for Andries Jonker as Wolves coach. The Dutchman was replaced by ex-Mainz boss Martin Schmidt on Monday.

On a much more serious note, Stuttgart captain Christian Gentner had to go to the hospital after an accidental collision with the Wolfsburg keeper and seems to be getting better.

In the evening game Borussia Mönchengladbach came back twice to earn a 2-2 draw with RB Leipzig.

On Sunday TSG Hoffeneim drew Hertha BSC Berlin 1-1 and Bayer Leverkusen took care of SC Freiburg 4-0.
After that, Borussia Dortmund destroyed 1.FC Cologne 5-0 to storm back to the top of the league. Cologne is appealing the result because two of the crucial goals were only given with the help of the Video Assistant Referee, but they should not have a serious case.

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