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Coach Jupp Heynckes to come out of retirement to take over Bayern Munich for the season

via Süddeutsche Zeitung

Bayern Munich confirmed on Friday, what many rumors over the last few days hinted toward. The 72-year-old Jupp Heynckes will coach the crisis-ridden Bavarian giants until the end of the season.

It will be his fourth time coaching the German record champions and the second time after 2009, that he will be dragged out of his retirement to do the job.

He is the most successful coach that Bayern has ever had in its history full of trophies and glory. Jupp Heynckes was the architect behind the team’s 2013 treble success, which is the combination of winning the Bundesliga, the UEFA Champions League and the German Cup in the same season.

It was the only time that any team in Germany won all three major titles in the same year. For that reason, more than any other, Heynckes deserves to be viewed in an exalted position, compared to all others who have up to now coached the team.

Having said all of that, this coaching appointment has much more to do with nostalgia and romanticism, than with the realism and pragmatism that Bayern’s club bosses are usually known for.

Beyond that, Jupp Heynckes can only lose now, after having retired following the 2013 triumphs. What I mean by that is that he can only destroy his legacy that he has worked so hard to build. There is no bigger success possible than a treble. Anything he may achieve this season will be less than that.

There are no words to describe how delusional one would have to be to believe that Bayern can win another treble, especially in a season like this. With the situation the team is in, going trophyless for the first time since 2012, is a safer bet.

Opting for this short-term, nostalgic solution, instead of convincing Thomas Tuchel or Luis Enrique to come to Munich shows that the club is also rotten at the top.

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