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A review of German teams’ games in Europe week 2

(Sept. 27, 2017 – Source: Maja Hitij/Bongarts via zimbio.com)

The second round of group play in the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League went on from Tuesday to Thursday of this week. For the six German teams participating, it was a historically catastrophic week. All of them lost their matches, while most did not start well in round one.

On Tuesday, a naively defending Borussia Dortmund team lost 3-1 at home to Real Madrid, as the usually so strong attack was unable to make up for BVB’s countless and reckless errors at the back against some of the best attacking players on the planet.

At the same time, RB Leipzig lost unluckily 2-0 to Besiktas Istanbul. In this case, RBL tried seemingly everything, but could not score against the Turkish side.

On Wednesday, Bayern Munich was hammered 3-0 by Paris St. Germain. The Bavarians’ bizarre lineup of players was unable to prevent an early goal by the French team, they tried their best to equalize, until PSG doubled its lead around the thirty-minute mark.

In the second half things became much worse and the German champions were actually lucky to only lose 3-0. Coach Carlo Ancelotti was sacked the next day.

On Thursday, 1.FC Cologne fell at home to Red Star Belgrade 1-0 in the Europa League, while Hertha BSC Berlin was defeated by Sweden’s Östersunds FK, with the same score away.

Cologne fell victim to a wonder goal from the Serbian team and then pushed everything forward in the second half with no reward. Hertha gave away an unnecessary penalty kick, which their opponents converted. The Berlin team also dominated its match completely in terms of play and chances.

Later that Europa League evening, TSG Hoffenheim lost 2-1 to Bulgarian champions Ludogorez Rasgrad, after having taken an early lead.

This was a dark European week for German teams and results must quickly improve. But it cannot be said that the Bundesliga, the league that produced the current World Cup and Confederations Cup winners as well as the Under-21 European champions is suddenly a bad league, because of these results.

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