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A review of the German teams’ games in Europe this week

(Sept. 13, 2017 – Source: AFP via zimbio.com)

The European club competitions, namely the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League both started this week. Six German teams were among those beginning their European adventure in the group stage this season.

Among them, Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund played in the Champions League, while TSG Hoffenheim ,1.FC Cologne and Hertha BSC Berlin played in the Europa League.

It all started on Tuesday, as Bayern took on the Belgian record champions RSC Anderlecht. There were many questions surrounding the Bavarians before the match, both on and off the field and despite a seemingly resounding 3-0 win many remain unanswered.

Robert Lewandowski, Thiago Alcantara and Joshua Kimmich were the goal scorers. But the atmosphere within the team seems somewhat toxic. Thomas Müller who had recently complained about too little playing time, started on the bench yet again.
When he did enter late on, it was for Frank Ribery, who tossed his jersey, in anger for being taken off.

When Carlo Ancelotti became Bayern coach, fans were promised a man manager. But it seems he cannot manage Müller or Ribery who are not only important as players, but as indicators of team harmony.

On Wednesday RB Leipzig took on AS Monaco at home and the mostly young newcomers to European competition from Saxony did well against the French champions. Yet, their inexperience at this level cost them the victory.
The 1-0 lead given to them by Emil Forsberg was immediately cancelled out by Monaco’s Youri Tielemans and it stayed 1-1.

Meanwhile, Borussia Dortmund faced Tottenham Hotspur at the same time and after a frantic start by both teams, the English side led 2-1.

Dortmund tried and failed to equalize before the break. In the second half, they conceded the third, just after what would have been the equalizer was wrongly disallowed. Nonetheless, the Spurs deserved their 3-1 win.

On Thursday Hoffenheim dominated their first half vs Sporting Braga. They took the lead, but the Portuguese side equalized before the break. In the second half, the German team here too showed its inexperience at this level and Braga won 2-1.

Later, Hertha BSC Berlin and Athletic Bilbao drew 0-0 in a largely uneventful match.

Cologne opened its first European campaign in a quarter century at Arsenal in London. After the last- placed team in the current German Bundesliga took the early shock lead, they were taken apart by the Gunners in the second half, to lose 3-1.

As bad as it has generally been this week for German teams, that overall picture will improve dramatically.

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