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This week’s World Cup qualifying update

http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/new_logo_for_2018_fifa_world_cup_russia_by_brandia_central.php#.WCzxMPkrLIU (via google.com)

On Monday Germany took on Norway in Stuttgart and encountered almost no resistance, especially in the first half of that World Cup qualifier. They ultimately won it 6-0.

Many in the German squad and coaching staff have had past experiences at VfB Stuttgart, the local Bundesliga club there. They were particularly celebrated by the fans.

On Tuesday evening Croatia did not have that kind of support, as they played in a very hostile environment away to Turkey. Early on, there was a clear handball incident in the Turkish penalty area. But the referee and his assistants failed to see it. They did not signal for the penalty kick, or the red card.

In the end, Turkey came away 1-0 winners leaving the group wide open.

Many European top teams are closing in on direct World Cup qualification, but Belgium is the only one that has done it there so far.

In South America, Brazil is ten points ahead of second-placed Uruguay and the record world champions are already qualified. Columbia is in third place, one point behind Uruguay. Two points behind them is surprise team Peru. Even on points with them is fifth- placed Argentina.

Current South American champions Chile are a point behind in sixth, in the ten-team group and on the outside looking in at the moment.

In Africa, most of the five groups are still tight, with no decisions to report yet.

In Asia, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia have joined the already qualified Iran on a direct path to Russia 2018, while Australia will play Syria for the right to a playoff place against the fourth- placed team from the CONCACAF region (currently the United States).

In that region, Mexico qualified a few days ago, and Costa Rica is set to join them soon. Meanwhile, Panama, the USA and Honduras are playing for the remaining 1.5 spots. Trinidad and Tobago could only play spoiler at this point.

New Zealand has won Oceanian qualifying and now awaits the fifth-placed South American team to play for a place at the World Cup.

Overall, the rest of qualifying promises much drama.

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